Orion Energy Systems, Inc.: Brings 12 new energy-efficient LED lighting products to market targeting specific needs of commercial, industrial and retail customers

MANITOWOC, Wis., Aug. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Orion Energy Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:OESX) (Orion Lighting), a leading designer and U.S. manufacturer of high-performance, energy-efficient LED lighting products, today announced the debut of its all-new Patriot Slimline LED High Bay lighting fixture line, along with eleven other new LED lighting products for use in commercial, industrial, and retail facilities. The design and innovative features of the new products were largely influenced by extensive customer feedback, suggestions, and analysis of the purchasing trends of electrical distributors and their customers. Orion’s robust domestic design, supply chain, and production capabilities enable it to respond quickly to new design releases and subsequent customer orders, typically in 10 business days or less from receipt of order.

Mike Altschaefl, Orion’s CEO, commented, “In order to support Orion’s long term growth, we are taking bold and creative steps to design and deliver high-quality products that respond directly to the needs of customers and the channel partners that serve them. These newly launched products were conceived and developed in under three months, a timetable we believe few of our competitors could match, with a nimbleness that further differentiates Orion and our customer-focused culture. We have seen a very strong response to these newly launched products from our agents and customers, and we are committed to delivering further innovation to meet the needs of our channel partners and their customers for superior, cost effective and energy saving lighting fixtures.”

Orion’s new products include:

-Revolutionary Harris Patriot Slimline LED High Bay Fixture (http://www.orionlighting.com/product/harris-led-high-bay-slimline-pro-hbhs1/) designed for commercial and industrial general and aisle lighting applications:

-Sleek design – only 6.5 inches wide

-Ultra-lightweight aluminum for optimal thermal management and ease of installation– three pounds; 12,000, 15,000 and 19,000 lumen packages at up to 141 lumens per watt

-Designed with the future in mind – easily enables addition of modular power cord, Orion’s unique future proof plug’n’play control options, wire guards, lens kit, and other field installed accessory options

-Fully featured with available battery back-up, aisle lighter, OSHA orange emergency end-cap identification

-Manufactured in Wisconsin with hundreds of configurations delivered typically in 10 days or less

-Enhances ROI through competitive up-front pricing as well as optimized energy and maintenance savings potential

-Two LED high bay specialty luminaires designed to replace up to 400W HID fixtures, ideal for high/low bay applications (http://www.orionlighting.com/product/harris-led-high-bay-hbled2/, http://www.orionlighting.com/product/harris-led-high-bay-gen-2-series-2-hbhc2/).

-Two LED lamp replacements, UL Type A and UL Type B, that deliver equal or better light compared to T8 fluorescent lamps, with significant improvements in energy efficiency (http://www.orionlighting.com/product/harris-led-ul-type-t8-lamps/, http://www.orionlighting.com/product/harris-led-ul-type-b-t8-lamps/).

-LED strip retrofit kit conveniently packaged with compatible LED lamps, ballasts and sockets, ideal for retail and commercial applications (http://www.orionlighting.com/product/harris-strip-cover-tled-direct-wired-gen-1-sctd1/).

-Six LED exterior lighting product updates and expansions – ideal for area, site, garage, canopy and wall mount applications that extend Orion’s market reach (http://www.orionlighting.com/exterior/ – see “new”).