Opus V: Defining every detail for entrepreneurial success

It’s a golden age for entrepreneurial companies, which are emerging everywhere. These upstart businesses are booming in every category and industry, and they’re tossing out old rules of brand development and marketing in favor of innovative and disruptive tactics. To guide startups through these new branding and marketing adventures is the mission of Opus V.

A one-stop-shop venture studio, Opus V is revolutionizing the branding, marketability and social media channels for startups and expanding businesses. The brainchild of seasoned professionals in business and entertainment, Opus V works on fundraising, marketing, design, manufacturing and packaging projects, taking products from ideas to shelves and beyond.

This venture studio takes a product or company at any stage under its wings, and through implementation of proven business practices, delivers the best possible results. From inception to global distribution, Opus V works side by side with clients throughout the process, whether an entire product launch, market validation with crowdfunding or specific marketing projects.

As a long term partner, Opus V brings early stage investment and brilliant business minds together to take products and companies where they need to be.

“We’ve brought together a team of talented and creative individuals with proven track records in production, business, and finance,” says Sam Blan, the CEO of Opus V. “By layering modern marketing tactics on a foundation of business strategy, we are able to more holistically solve problems and find solutions.”

Through tried and proven partnerships globally, Opus V solves potential problems that plague businesses before they happen, be it a funding shortage, lack of market validation or manufacturing issues.


Brad Yasar- Brad is the co-founder and CSO of Opus V. As the record holder for the largest equity crowdfunding campaign to date in US with $17 million raised under Reg A+, Brad understands the psychology of the crowd and the formula needed to successfully launch a business, a product or a marketing campaign. He brings over 30 years of successful entrepreneurial experience that span the full spectrum of technology startups from software to hardware. Brad currently serves as an advisor to several startups as well as established VC funds.

Sunny Trinh- Sunny Trinh is the co-founder and CTO of Opus V. As a 23-year veteran in the semiconductor and electronics industry, he brings his deep global C-Level connections to every project Opus is involved with. His tremendous track record at Arrow Electronics, where he helped numerous hardware startups successfully move from idea to production to revenue, is unique and unmatched globally. Sunny is is also an advisor and lecturer for local incubators Hub 101 and Impact Hub.