National cleaning company targeting Green Bay for expansion

A successful national cleaning company is targeting the Green Bay market.

Jan-Pro and sister company Maid Right are run by Premium Franchise Brands. While Jan-Pro has been doing commercial cleaning for over 25 years, Maid Right, launched in 2013, is a more recent attempt to offer in-home cleaning services.

Don Tarinelli, Premium Franchise Brands senior director of franchise development, says getting Jan-Pro into Green Bay is a higher priority because it will help to fill in the gaps for what is already a successful national service model.

“It’s an extremely successful business,” he told “It doesn’t have a lot of holes in coverage in the U.S.”

Jan-Pro already provides services in the Green Bay area through subcontractors, but Tarinelli says that’s not ideal.

“We want to get someone in the market who uses our branded process and our systems,” he said. “We’d like to get someone there in the first quarter of 2018.”

Jan-Pro’s model involves setting up ‘master franchises’ in which one individual runs the operation for a large coverage area, and gets individuals involved at the ground level doing the cleaning, either as a full-time gig or to make some extra money on the side.

“They become a franchisor for that territory, so they help other people become franchisees,” Tarinelli said. “They will help other people to launch businesses in the market.”

And unlike other franchise models, franchisees don’t have service areas they split up — they have accounts with individual customers. There’s no limit to how many franchisees can operate under a ‘master’ in a given market.

Tarinelli called it “inspiring” to see the changes in franchisees’ lives that result from joining the Jan-Pro team.

“They’re going from dead-end jobs to owning their own business,” he said.

Franchisees that operate under this system pay $950 for for training, equipment, support and accounts. This guarantees them revenue streams right off the bat, Tarinelli says, and eliminates the need for them to do any sales and marketing.

The company has about 100 master franchisors in the United States, Tarinelli said, and 40 elsewhere with service in 14 countries worldwide. The search is underway for someone to run the show for Green Bay, and Tarinelli says the best candidates come from corporate backgrounds, and are “very business savvy.”

“This is an opportunity for them to build a great business, but also to give back to the community,” he added.

Tarinelli says Jan-Pro is specifically looking for masters that come from outside the cleaning industry. The individual who is eventually chosen will first head to the company’s corporate headquarters in Atlanta to be trained for leadership skills.

“We’re looking for people with those skills who can build the team, develop that team and develop that culture,” he said.

–By Alex Moe