MWFPA, WMC, WIEG, Wisconsin Paper Council and Wisconsin Cast Metals Association: Applaud Assembly for passing waste heat recovery legislation


Todd Stuart, Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group


Madison – Five trade associations representing Wisconsin’s largest energy consumers praised the Assembly for today’s vote to pass Senate Bill 144. SB 144 and the companion bill, AB 204, would promote waste heat recovery or “recycled energy.” SB 144 has now passed both houses and is headed to Governor Walker to become law.

Sen. Roger Roth (R – Appleton) and Rep. Robert Brooks (R – Saukville) were the authors of SB 144/AB 204. The Midwest Food Products Association, Wisconsin Cast Metals Association, Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and the Wisconsin Paper Council thanked the authors and the members of the Assembly for their hard work in passing this important initiative.

“Wisconsin has one of the most manufacturing-dependent economies in the country.” said Todd Stuart, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Industrial Energy Group. “This bill is intended spur capital investment, save on energy costs and create or retain jobs for Wisconsin’s manufacturing base.”

Waste heat recovery is the process of using recovered waste heat to generate electricity. Heat that is no longer needed in an industrial process is often vented through stacks into the outside air. Waste heat can be captured around the clock with no combustion and no air emissions. Waste heat can be used to generate power and/or reduce the need to consume electricity — now with passage of SB 144 recovery would now be recognized under Wisconsin law as a clean, renewable and efficient technology.

MWFPA, WCMA, WIEG, WMC and WPC represent industries that support thousands of good-paying, family-supporting jobs. These Wisconsin manufacturers are energy-intensive and, as a result, must balance energy costs in order to remain competitive. Energy costs are one of the primary factors considered for retention, relocation or expansion for manufacturers throughout our state.

“This legislation would spur economic and environmental benefits from waste heat recovery projects,” concluded Stuart. “Our respective trade associations truly appreciate the efforts of the Assembly and the authors Sen. Roth and Rep. Brooks.”