MWFPA: Wisconsin snap bean production leads nation

Contact: Nick George, President
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Brian Elliott, Dir. of Communications
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The Midwest Food Products Association (MWFPA) today touted United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) figures showing the Badger State maintained its number one ranking nationally in production of processing snap beans during 2016.

The production of snap beans for processing in Wisconsin totaled 363,552 tons and was valued at $45.1 million for the year.

“Food processing is strongly tied to the agricultural community. Wisconsin places perennially among the top five states in growing and processing such crops as potatoes, sweet corn, peas, snap beans, carrots, cucumbers and cabbage for kraut,” according to Nick George, president of MWFPA.

Wisconsin is a major food processor hosting companies possessing national and international name recognition. Wisconsin’s vegetable industry is a major contributor to the state’s $5.8 billion specialty crop industry which employs over 25,000 Wisconsin residents.

Wisconsin also maintained its third place ranking for processing sweet corn in 2016, producing
486,749 tons at a value of $33.2 million. The production of sweet corn for processing is heavily concentrated in the Midwest. Wisconsin’s sweet corn industry produces an annual state economic impact of nearly $130 million when its yearly sweet corn crop is processed.

In terms of pounds per person, sweet corn ranks fourth as the most consumed vegetable in the nation, according to federal estimates, and what is grown and processed in Wisconsin shows up in grocery aisles and freezers throughout the year.

The USDA statistics also showed carrots for processing accounted for 106,150 tons and had a total value of $8.64 million. According to George, carrots are processed as fresh packed articles including peeled baby carrots, carrot sticks, shredded carrots and salad mixes. Processing markets include baby food production, frozen and canned products.