Madison water treatment plant proceeding on schedule

Work on a new water treatment plant for Madison is proceeding on schedule, according to Miron Construction project manager Mark Brusberg.

He says the $6.8 million, 8,000 square-foot treatment plant will ease the burden on another treatment location located in Glendale due to “susceptibility to service interruptions.” The new plant will serve the southeast part of Madison, Brusberg says, once it’s complete in June 2018.

“The biggest thing is providing reliable service to the city,” he added.

The project is being undertaken by Miron Construction, in partnership with Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc., an engineering and architecture consultant group.

Since Brusberg started in his current position about a year ago, he’s worked on four projects for the capital city. In Miron Construction’s 99-year history, the company has been a part of over 25 projects for the City of Madison, and has approximately up to 125 active construction projects statewide at any given time, according to a company spokesperson.

See a map of Madison’s 22 existing wells: