Herb Kohl Educational Foundation: To honor area students and teachers on April 8


Kim Marggraf

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MILWAUKEE — A luncheon to honor the achievements of southeastern Wisconsin students and teachers will be held Saturday, April 8, at Greendale High School in Greendale, the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation announced today.

On March 10, the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation announced the recipients of $5,000 Initiative Scholarships, Excellence Scholarships, teacher Fellowships and principal Leadership Awards. The April 8 luncheon will recognize the accomplishments of the area’s outstanding students and educators. Twenty two teacher Fellowship recipients, 24 Excellence Scholarship recipients, 21 Initiative Scholarship recipients, and three Leadership Award recipients will be honored. Kim Marggraf, spokesperson for the Herb Kohl Foundation, said that Herb Kohl, representatives of co-sponsoring organizations: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools, Wisconsin Cooperative Educational Service Agencies, Wisconsin Newspaper Association
Foundation, Wisconsin Parents Association, and the families and friends of southeast Wisconsin award recipients will be part of this program.

The Herb Kohl Foundation Excellence Scholarship was established by Herb Kohl to provide scholarships to graduating Wisconsin high school students who have demonstrated academic excellence, outstanding leadership, citizenship, community service, integrity, and other special talents. The Herb Kohl Foundation Fellowship rewards teachers who have demonstrated superior ability to inspire love of learning in their students, have motivated others, and have provided meritorious service both inside and outside the classroom. The Herb Kohl Leadership Award
recognizes principals who have set high standards for instruction, achievement, and character, and created a climate to best serve students, families, staff, and community. Three students from Elkhart Lake, Oshkosh, and Whitewater, and a teacher from Appleton will attend the Greendale event to receive their awards.

The Herb Kohl Initiative Scholarship was established to recognize students who have demonstrated a high level of motivation to achieve, have shown strong promise for achieving success in college and beyond, have overcome
significant personal obstacles or adversity, and have not yet received other academic based scholarships.

“Herb Kohl will be making formal award presentations to the recipients at the luncheon,” Marggraf said. The Herb Kohl Foundation will issue the $5,000 Excellence and Initiative Scholarship grants to the postsecondary institution that each student will attend. Each teacher will receive a $3,000 Fellowship and an additional $3,000 grant will be awarded to the teacher’s school for use in innovative educational projects. The Foundation annually awards approximately 200 scholarships, 100 teacher fellowships, and 16 principal leadership awards throughout the state.

The Greendale event is one of five regional award programs sponsored by the Herb Kohl Foundation. The reception is scheduled to begin Saturday, April 8, at noon at Greendale High School, 6801 Southway, Greendale. The award program will commence at approximately 1:00 p.m.