Guy McPherson Tour: Madison presentation by Dr. Guy McPherson


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Conservation Biologist Dr. Guy McPherson is the leading expert on the risk of near-term human extinction due to abrupt climate change (as seen with Bill Nye on National Geographic Explorer). Dr. McPherson will be speaking about our collective response to Earth’s newest phase of accelerated warming at a series of free public lectures throughout (Region) during (Month, Year)

Dr. McPherson is an award-winning Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources & Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology at University of Arizona. He is internationally known for his synthesis of research on abrupt climate change, as fueled by irreversible, self reinforcing feedback loops in the climate system, triggered by human CO2 emissions. Dr. McPherson has written a dozen books on the environment, including his joint effort with psychologist Carolyn Baker “Extinction Dialogs: How to live with death in mind.”
Dr. McPherson hosts the podcast “Nature Bats Last” on the Progressive Radio Network the first Tuesday of each month.

Free Admission – Donations Accepted*