Fairbanks Morse Engine: To launch class-leading engine at Power-Gen 2017

BELOIT, WI – Fairbanks Morse Engine has announced that they will be launching a next generation engine, the Trident OP™, at the Power-Gen International Conference in Las Vegas, December 5th.

The Trident OP answers the need for higher efficiency power generation in a wide range of applications and represents a class-leading, next-generation engine. The Trident OP features an innovative design, combining smart-engine technology with opposed-piston (OP) architecture. This unique and flexible design will allow for cost-effective customization to multiple situations or environments.

“The Trident OP will deliver unmatched efficiency and flexibility in the harshest conditions,” says Director, Trident OP™, Matt Wisniewski. “Our team has worked tirelessly to develop this power system and we are incredibly proud to introduce the engine at Power-Gen in December.”

Fairbanks Morse Engine will feature the new engine in booth 7012 at Power-Gen International.

About Fairbanks Morse Engine

Fairbanks Morse is the critical power solutions expert – a strategic partner and a trusted source for application-specific, fuel-flexible power systems that deliver optimal performance in mission critical applications. These applications include power generation — base load and standby power plants, and emergency back-up power for nuclear plants; and ship propulsion and shipboard power for the United States Navy and Coast Guard and commercial vessels. Fairbanks Morse reliable engine drive solutions also can be found in a wide range of municipal, institutional and industrial applications. More information is available at www.fairbanksmorse.com .

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