Essen Haus: ‘Gateway’ development at Essen Haus on hold


Bob Worm

(608) 255-4674

(MADISON, Wis.)—Restaurateur Bob Worm today announced that he is holding off on his proposed re-development of the block housing the Essen Haus and Come Back In so that he has more time to gather input from the community.

Worm’s goal is to make sure the site, which also includes four duplexes, Lakeview Bakery & Deli, Hotel Ruby Marie and the Up North Bar, serves as a gateway of downtown Madison. All businesses will remain open.

“This gateway project would continue the revitalization of the east side of downtown that’s currently underway,” Worm said. “It’s going to be meaningful to Madison.”

The current buildings are energy inefficient, according to Worm. He will work with neighbors and city officials to figure out how to preserve the historic character of the buildings while adding modern amenities.

No timeline has been set. In the meantime, Worm and his staff remain focused on providing customers an Oktoberfest-like atmosphere at the Essen Haus and a neighborhood bar experience at Come Back In.