Edgewood College: Announces partnership with One City Learning Centers

Contact: Ed Taylor, Director of Strategic
Communications 608-663-2333

Madison, Wis. (March 8, 2017) – Edgewood College is pleased to announce a new partnership with One City Learning Centers.

With the start of the current Spring semester, students in the College’s ‘Pre-reading and Literature for the Young Child’ practicum are completing part of their requirements on-site at One City’s preschool.

Those students are working with One City teachers to identify quality reading materials for young children from diverse backgrounds, and engage One City’s children in the classroom in pre-reading and literacy development activities.

Dr. Cynthia Perry, who oversees the Early Childhood Program at Edgewood College and is the lead instructor for this initiative states, “This partnership with One City is a commitment both to our students at Edgewood College, and to the very young in our community. The impact our students have on the communities we serve, and on the quality of the teaching and learning the College provides is significant. This partnership advances both in a very real way.”

“Having students from one of the state’s leading colleges working in our preschool and neighborhood provides the bridge we need to attract more young people into the teaching profession,” Kaleem Caire, One City’s Founder and CEO said. “Emerging teachers want to do hands-on work throughout their educations, and this partnership gives them the opportunity to do so.”