Blain’s Farm & Fleet: Raises $2,800 for Hurrican relief

Janesville, WI (October 10, 2017): Blain Supply is proud to announce that distribution center associates raised $2,800 for hurricane relief efforts by the American Red Cross. The company held an internal fundraiser on Friday, September 29; the cook-out event included tailgating and raffle prizes.

The Recognition Committee at Blain Supply lead the effort on this event following the Hurricane Harvey Donation Drive, held in partnership with Hufcor and the JJ Watt Foundation at Blain’s Farm and Fleet in Janesville on Friday, September 1. The Blain Supply Recognition Committee, consisting of Blain’s associates Kevin Francis, Kimberly Corcoran, Bud Maurizzi, and Jill Purdy planned the fundraiser and solicited ideas from others to make the event a success.

“It was gratifying and humbling to be able to have a hand in helping the thousands of hurricane victims this year,” said Bud Maurizzi. “We are definitely interested in holding similar events in the future – not only is it an opportunity to give back, but it’s a chance for our team to come together,” reflected Kevin Francis.

Charlie Weber, Senior Development Officer at the American Red Cross, accepted the check on October 6 at a gathering attended by the 120 associates who donated.

“On behalf of the Red Cross, we are thankful for the proactive efforts of Blain’s Farm & Fleet and their employees – their donations, like so many others, help ensure the funding of our hurricane relief efforts,” says Weber. “$0.91 of every dollar goes directly to those affected in natural disasters, providing the training supplies, food, and shelter many are now in need of.”

Blain’s Farm and Fleet is dedicated to giving back to the community all year round through the Bert and Claude Blain Memorial Scholarships, the American Heart Association, the Kids Helping Kids program, FFA programs, 4-H Sponsorships and various other local organizations.