Aldo Leopold Nature Center: UW student athletes join summer camp at ALNC


Cara Erickson

(608) 216-9374

Monona, WI. Summer campers at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center will get an exciting new opportunity to connect with University of Wisconsin Student Athletes this summer! Student Athletes will join summer campers in The Great Outdoors – a camp designed to teach explorers how to create a base camp, set up a tent, start a fire and cook in the outdoors – all while using ‘Leave No Trace’ principles!

With the support of Badgers Give Back, UW Student Athletes are proud to be involved in partnerships that promote healthy communities. Today, children spend less than 1% of their time outdoors (National Institutes of Health). Unlike a generation ago, children have little exposure to the systems that sustain life and rarely take the
opportunity to experience the joy of spending time in nature. Children who participate in outdoor programs – like those offered at ALNC – have been shown to reap countless physical, emotional and cognitive benefits from their experience including a greater ability to concentrate in school; increased confidence and self-awareness; reduced
stress and mental illness and improved overall health! By participating in camp, Student Athletes will model for summer campers at ALNC the importance of the natural world.

At the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, we are thrilled to welcome UW Badger Football Student Athletes to join us for summer camp! This exciting camp provides Student Athletes the opportunity to give back to the community by engaging with children to role model the importance of working hard to obtain one’s dreams and by emphasizing the value of getting outside to connect with the natural world. By simply showing up, these UW Student Athletes will show summer campers that nature really is for everyone while bridging the gap between athletics and the natural world!

What: UW Football Student Athletes participate in Summer Camp at Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Where: Aldo Leopold Nature Center, 330 Femrite Drive, Monona, WI 53716

When: Thursday, July 13 th , 1 to 4pm.

Information: Please call Cara Erickson, Marketing and Communications Manager, at (608) 216-9384