Airbnb: Wisconsin’s Rural Communities See Explosive Airbnb Growth

Ben Breit
Airbnb Midwest Public Affairs
c: 847-274-5456
e: [email protected]

Airbnb today released a global report illustrating the capacity of home sharing to deliver valuable supplemental income to residents of rural areas in Wisconsin.

The report also indicates that home sharing can help close the economic opportunity gap by enabling many people beyond cities to benefit directly from the tourism boom, rather than keeping the growing profits in the hands of the traditional hospitality industry in large cities.

Below is the Wisconsin data. Attached is a map illustrating locations of Airbnb hosts in rural Wisconsin as well as locations of hotels in rural Wisconsin. And here is a link to the global Airbnb “Beyond Cities” report.

***note – for the purposes of this report, Airbnb’s data team utilized the census designation of “rural”

Airbnb Impact in Wisconsin’s Rural Communities

Guest Arrivals to Wisconsin Rural Listings in Past Year: 43,000
Year-Over-Year Growth in Airbnb Guest Arrivals to Rural Wisconsin: 149%

Percent of Wisconsin Airbnb Listings in Rural Areas: 43%
Percent of Wisconsin’s Hotels in Rural Areas: 20%

Active Rural Wisconsin Hosts: 1,100
Average Age of Rural Wisconsin Hosts: 49 years old
Typical Annual Earnings for Rural Wisconsin Hosts: $4,500
Total Annual Earnings for Rural Wisconsin Hosts: $5.1 million