UW-Madison News: Law School bioethicist selected for innovative research chair

CONTACT: Alta Charo,
608-262-5015, [email protected]


MADISON – University of Wisconsin Law School Professor R. Alta Charo, an internationally known bioethicist, has been chosen as the first Sheldon B. Lubar Distinguished Research Chair in Law.

Lubar, a Milwaukee business executive, and his wife, Marianne S. Lubar, both ardent UW-Madison supporters, provided the $3 million endowment to create the chair. Unlike other endowed chairs, the Lubar Chair is awarded on an annual, competitive basis rather than on a long-term basis. The goal is to fuel productive research and advance excellence at the Law School.

Charo will use the opportunity to focus on her research and write a book offering unconventional takes on several areas of bioethics: abortion and the moral status of embryos, new reproductive technologies, human subjects research, organ donation and the relationship between law and biology.

“Bioethics is a field that thinks of itself as constantly creative, innovative and cutting edge,” Charo says. “At the same time, it’s deeply conservative, because over the years there have developed a series of classic stories and classic approaches to those stories.”

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