UW-Madison: Family science night tonight

Contact: Dolly Ledin, (608) 263-4840, [email protected]

On Tuesday, April 26, between 5:30 and 7 p.m., students from four Madison elementary schools and two afterschool programs will descend on the Discovery Building with their families for the first Young Science Scholars FAMILY SCIENCE NIGHT. Students and families will join the UW-Madison community for a night of hands-on science exploration to share the results of the science teaching partnership of the Young Science Scholars program from the past year.

Young Science Scholars is a project of the ARMS (Adult Role Models in Science) Program, pairing UW-Madison scientists and graduate students with Madison elementary school and afterschool program teachers. UW-Madison graduate students co-lead a weekly science lesson with their school teacher partner; the students learn how to teach from teachers, and the teachers learn how scientists think and work to strengthen science teaching in the Madison community.

On Tuesday, elementary school students will lead their families and other students in a science activity they learned during the school year with their Young Science Scholars partner. There will be several science “stations” covering topics that range from seed dispersal to fossils to electricity through hands-on activities.

Students and families will visit the science stations starting at 6 p.m.