Sunway, Inc.: Announces company name change, plans to unify divisions

Tim Skiba
Stratis Industries
321 East 1st Street, Centuria, WI
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CENTURIA, Wis. (February 9, 2016) — Sunway, Inc. announced this week that it will begin operating under the name Stratis Industries, effective immediately.

A leading manufacturer of high-quality ergonomic office and vehicle furniture, Sunway, Inc. had recently expanded its product line to include mobile storage solutions, cutting boards, custom wall panels and more. Reflecting both the diverse range and top-tier quality of its products, the Stratis Industries name seeks to unify the company’s individual Custom Surface, Croix Valley Composites, St. Croix Cutting Boards and MobileStrong divisions under one trusted brand identity.

“The Stratis name embodies the direction we’re heading,” said company President Tim Skiba. “It’s more than just a name change; it’s a clear statement of our continuing commitment to applying the same innovative product development, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and quality service to everything we do.”

While the range of its product offerings will not change, Stratis Industries will now feature just three divisions: Stratis Office, Stratis Auto and Stratis Surface. Stratis Office will continue to provide the company’s innovative ergonomic office furniture and accessories. Stratis Auto will be home to its popular vehicle desks and MobileStrong storage solutions, which are designed for consumer trucks and SUVs as well as law enforcement fleet vehicles. The company’s custom wall panels, countertops and cutting boards will now be part of the Stratis Surface division. All divisions will continue to utilize the company’s innovative “phenolic” composite process and manufacture their products within the United States.

Skiba is quick to assure current customers that the product quality and personalized service they’ve come to expect will remain exactly the same. However, he anticipates that customers will appreciate the small changes resulting from the company rebrand, including the launch of a new and more user-friendly ecommerce website. All three Sunway websites have been consolidated into one enhanced experience, consistent with helping customers find what they need in a single location. According to Skiba, it is just another part of the company’s customer-focused approach.

“At Stratis Industries, we’re all about making work easier—even when you’re not at work,” said Skiba. “In everything we design, we keep the end user in mind and build products to the highest standard, using today’s most advanced manufacturing techniques and materials. Across the board, our team really cares. That won’t ever change. Over time, I believe the Stratis name will become synonymous with a level of quality and trust that’s unmatched in our particular markets.”

About Stratis Industries (Sunway, Inc.)

In business since 1990, Stratis Industries is a privately held manufacturing company offering a wide range of ergonomically designed products for use in commercial and consumer spaces—including office furniture and accessories, vehicle desk and storage solutions, custom wall and counter surfaces, composite cutting boards and more. Based in Centuria, Wisconsin, Sunway’s 27,600 square foot facility utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to fabricate wood and plastic (phenolic) composite parts for its own products—as well as for other leading company brands. From the office to the kitchen, from public service vehicles to recreation vehicles, all of our innovative products are designed with the same goal in mind: to help customers do what they need to do more productively, comfortably and conveniently.