SunPeak: Largest solar project in Wisconsin installation completed

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Central Storage & Warehouse Co. Solar Project Also Madison’s Largest Solar Project

Madison, WI – April 20, 2016 – Madison-based solar developer SunPeak has announced the completed installation of a 741 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system for Central Storage & Warehouse Company (CSW). This is the largest rooftop PV solar system constructed to date in the state of Wisconsin, and is Madison’s largest solar project ever.

CSW is a Madison based, family owned and operated company providing multi temperature warehouse services to large food manufacturers and retailing customers. CSW has five locations throughout Wisconsin totaling 20 million cubic feet. The new solar system was installed on the 40 foot high roof of their largest warehouse on Madison’s east side where the corporate headquarters is located. The facility contains frozen, refrigerated and dry food storage.

SunPeak’s president, Chad Sorenson, commented on the project. “CSW was interested in offsetting a significant portion of its electric utility consumption, primarily used for refrigeration. SunPeak was able to engineer and install a system that simultaneously lowered its overall cost of electricity, and enhanced its sustainability by powering its facility with natural sunlight.”

SunPeak utilized less than a quarter of the 232,000 square feet of available roof space for the project, which will allow CSW to expand its use of solar energy in the future.

The system will lead to more than $90,000 of annual energy cost savings, a figure that will likely rise over time as the cost of utility rates rise. Over the 30-year expected lifespan of the system, CSW will save more than $5.1 million in projected energy costs.

John Winegarden, CEO of CSW, stated “CSW is proud to have partnered with SunPeak and Focus on Energy to make this solar project a reality. We are excited by the opportunity to both improve our operating efficiency and reduce our environmental impact, consistent with our commitment to our customers and community.”

SunPeak has a solid record of solar installations in the region. In 2015, SunPeak was the largest installer of customer-sited commercial solar PV in Wisconsin, installing over one-third the statewide capacity for the year. SunPeak develops projects throughout the United States, and is focused on the Midwest.

Other Wisconsin-based solar projects that SunPeak has completed include Ale Asylum Brewery near Madison’s airport, Letterhead Press in New Berlin, and Corrim Company in Oshkosh.

“Solar electricity now competes directly with fossil fuel-based energy sources,” continued Sorenson. “SunPeak is aggressively lowering the installed cost of solar, making solar an attractive long-term investment. Our technology and process enable manufacturers, medical facilities, data centers, education facilities – basically any large users of electricity – to turn to solar for a significant source of their electricity needs.”

About SunPeak
SunPeak is a turnkey developer of commercial solar systems, handling feasibility studies, financial payback analysis, system engineering, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Projects typically range from 100 kW to 5 MW and offer significant cost savings relative to conventional utility rates. The company was founded in 2014 by Chad Sorenson and a team of leading global solar developers who have completed more than 350 MW of installations on three continents over the past decade, including projects in Canada, Germany and Japan.

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