Stoughton Trailers: Factory outfitted with new RoboVent clean air system

Stoughton Trailers Factory Outfitted
With New RoboVent Clean Air System

Dust, Fumes Minimized for Healthier Production Environment

STOUGHTON, Wis. (Monday, February 15, 2016) — Stoughton Trailers recently contracted with air filtration technology company RoboVent, based in Sterling Heights, Mich., to invest in a new clean air system in its main manufacturing facility in Stoughton.

The system, which was installed to create the healthiest work environment possible for Stoughton Trailers employees, already has resulted in a brighter, cleaner facility that boasts even better ventilation and less dust.

RoboVent systems drastically reduce fumes, dust and smoke that welding produces within the manufacturing environment, providing workers with the cleanest air possible.

Stoughton Trailers began working with RoboVent in 2014, when it asked the company to produce the perfect clean air solution for the welding department of its primary fabrication facility in Stoughton. RoboVent engineers used VentMapping™, an air-mapping process using computational fluid dynamics to identify specific airflow patterns and filtration requirements for each of the areas targeted. Through the use of fume guns, Vortex towers and air control curtains, specific spaces in the production environment were able to be quarantined, preventing dust and fumes from escaping to other parts of the facility.

“We’re thrilled about the many positive effects the new RoboVent system is having on our workers, facility and production,” said Stoughton Trailers President Bob Wahlin. “Production is more efficient, and the air in the facility is even safer and cleaner. Smoke and dust are virtually eliminated, and employees on the floor feel better about coming to work.

“Our old air filtering system relied on bringing in clean air from outdoors, which requires heating, so this system also has significant energy savings for us.”

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