SciArt: Releases ParetoWorks

Contact: Praveen Yadav
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SciArt Releases ParetoWorks
Innovative Rapid Design Optimization Tool

Madison, WI: SciArt LLC, a University of Wisconsin-Madison spinoff, today announced the release of ParetoWorks, a new analysis and optimization tool for design engineers. ParetoWorks is the first in a series of design tools to be released by SciArt.

ParetoWorks is an analysis and optimization add-in to SOLIDWORKS. Its robust optimization algorithm is up to 60 times faster than current options. ParetoWorks allows engineers to optimize material distribution subject to several performance and manufacturing constraints, ultimately minimizing the material required to maintain structural integrity. ParetoWorks is currently the only software that yields a sequence of Pareto optimal designs at various volume fractions, rather than just a final design.

The idea for ParetoWorks emerged from several years of consulting and research, during which Co-Founder Krishnan Suresh encountered several deficiencies with current design optimization methods.

“The slow nature of current methods translates into longer product development cycle, and increased product cost,” said Co-Founder Krishnan Suresh. “Based on our research, I knew we could develop a radically different, and significantly better method.”

SciArt recently emerged from a beta phase during which it collected feedback and improved ParetoWorks based on user experience. Reviews from beta users are linked at

SciArt is offering new users a 30-day free trial at