OMNI Solutions: Named trade ally of the year by Southern California Gas Co.

Contact: Erin Ruppenthal, OMNI Solutions
608.206.5796 or [email protected]
Rosa Maria Santana, SoCalGas
877.643.2331 or [email protected]

Madison – OMNI Solutions, a Madison, Wisconsin-based energy-saving laundry and cleaning solutions company, has been named Trade Ally of the Year by Southern California Gas Co., (SoCalGas), their highest honor achievable, for helping businesses throughout Southern California save energy and operating costs.

OMNI Solutions championed a new ozone measure this year through rebates, saving businesses in the SoCalGas’ service territory in greater Los Angeles thousands of dollars in operating expenses. OMNI Solutions offers energy-saving and environmentally safe effective laundry and cleaning solutions primarily to resorts, hotels and healthcare facilities and other businesses with mass laundry and cleaning chemical needs.

Three energy solution companies were honored by SoCalGas for collectively helping SoCalGas serviced businesses save $608,429 in energy costs and save 1.5 million therms – enough natural gas for 3,550 homes. Trade Ally of the Year – OMNI Solutions, together with Adwest Technologies Inc. and Knorr Systems, Inc., were applauded for providing businesses and industrial customers a range of services and energy-saving upgrades.

“It is an honor to be named Trade Ally of the Year by SoCalGas for our successful implementations at post-acute facilities affiliated with the Rockport Healthcare umbrella and others in the region,” said Andy Feldman, senior vice president of sales at OMNI Solutions. “We recently entered into a sustainability partnership with TwinMed and are committed to making a positive environmental impact across the U.S. by reducing consumption of utilities and water for healthcare and hospitality businesses.”

More businesses are focusing on integrating environmental sustainability practices into their operations. OMNI Solutions offers many different energy saving opportunities to the healthcare and hospitality segments by providing innovative, earth-friendly on-premises laundry and housekeeping cleaning solutions. OMNI Solutions’ line of laundry detergents, softeners and stain removers are injected into standard commercial washing units through their patent pending LUX Hydroxyl System to supercharge the washing process. Designed to work in cooler temperatures, the process greatly reduces energy consumption and operating costs by as much as 50%, while reducing and/or eliminating linen bacteria inquired infections.

“All of our Trade Professional vendors help our business customers save energy and money by assisting business owners with their specific energy projects, but OMNI Solutions went above and beyond by providing extraordinary service to business owners,” said SoCalGas Vice President of Customer Solutions and Communications Lisa Alexander. “By providing our commercial and industrial customers with information about new rebates and incentives, OMNI Solutions helped business owners learn more about energy efficiency and that benefits all of us because energy efficiency promotes healthier, sustainable communities.”