Milwaukee selected for White House TechHire program

Milwaukee will get some additional help training its tech workers now that it’s joining the White House TechHire program.

“It’s a great opportunity for our people,” said Willie Wade, VP of community affairs at Employ Milwaukee.

Under the program, Employ Milwaukee will coordinate with local economic development groups and companies to train 600 workers by 2020. Wade, a former Milwaukee alder, was at the announcement at the U.S. Conference of Mayors when Obama announced the program a year ago.

Now, Obama announced he’s expanding TechHire to 15 new communities for a total of 50.

Like other communities, Milwaukee companies are hoping to train workers to fill open positions that generally pay more.

“We’ll focus in on exactly what’s needed by the employer and focus on getting the person up to speed in that area,” Wade said.

It also will give the city an advantage when applying for grants over other communities that “may not have the infrastructure in place,” he said.

See the White House announcement

— By Polo Rocha,