M-WERC: Announces new technology innovation platform

Contact: Joshua Morby, 414-791-9120 [email protected]

M-WERC announces new Technology Innovation platform

Technology Innovation focus includes public & private sector partners

[Milwaukee, Wis.] – Since 2009 M-WERC has worked to identify pre-competitive research opportunities based on technology roadmaps. Since that time M-WERC has sponsored a number of research activities that develop new technologies to drive the future of the energy, power & control industries. Information on that research can be found here.

During Thursday’s meeting, panelists from the UW Madison, Briggs & Stratton, DRS and M-WERC highlighted efforts to further align the interests of industry and academia.

“M-WERC’s activity and participation in research activities with member companies like Briggs & Stratton and university partners like UW Madison, UW Milwaukee and Marquette has helped everyone involved realize that there are existing skill sets that have gone under the radar by industry,” said Doug Shears, Director of Strategic Development at Briggs & Stratton.

“We’re excited about M-WERC’s involvement in making those connections and the leadership and vision they have shown as it relates to driving technology innovation in the region.”

“We’re committed to helping discover, develop and transfer the new technology products and systems required to enable our members to be leaders in their field,” said M-WERC Executive Director and CEO Alan Perlstein.

“Our research combines the leading faculty and laboratory capabilities of the region’s top engineering universities and leading technical colleges to conduct research and deploy new products and create jobs in the energy, power and control fields.”