Exact Sciences runs its first TV ads, launching national campaign

Exact Sciences says it’s seen success with its first TV ads and is launching a national campaign.

The Madison company, which makes the early colon cancer detector Cologuard, ran a 9-week TV test in six markets: Atlanta, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Madison, Sacramento and Tampa Bay.

And compared to five similar control markets, Exact Sciences says, the test markets saw 50 percent more orders and 100 percent more new doctors prescribing Cologuard.

“Based on the results of the successful television advertising test, we’re launching a nationwide television campaign to expand patient awareness, secure new prescribing physicians and drive repeat orders of Cologuard,” CEO Kevin Conroy said in a news release this morning.

See the 60-second ad

— By Polo Rocha,

Editor’s note: This item has been updated to reflect today’s news release announcement.