eTech LED, CESA Purchasing Partner: To offer LED lighting through the Wisconsin Education Purchasing Program

eTech LED and CESA Purchasing Partner to offer LED Lighting through the Wisconsin Education Purchasing Program

April 22, 2016: Madison, WI – eTech LED partners with CESA Purchasing (Cooperative Education Service Agency 2) to offer LED lighting lamps and fixtures to the school districts and municipalities through the State of Wisconsin Education Purchasing Program. All K12 schools, libraries, technical colleges, universities, municipalities and other non-profit educational entities in Wisconsin are members of the CESA Purchasing program. As an Approved Vendor, members can purchase pre-approved products such as LED light tubes and troffers directly from eTech LED with pre-negotiated, preferred pricing.

CESA Purchasing is a statewide cooperative and contract holder for AEPA, the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies.

“We are excited to partner with eTech LED and help orchestrate lighting upgrades in the schools. What we love about this program is not only seeing the dollars saved being reinvested in the school’s facilities and programs, but also the integration to education of the kids and support of our educational goals.” Says Cynthia Holt, Co-Coordinator, CESA Purchasing. Not only do the schools benefit from energy and maintenance cost reductions but a portion of the proceeds from the overall sales go towards the CESA Statewide programs that are reinvested in Wisconsin Education.

“We look forward to building on this partnership with CESA Purchasing and helping Wisconsin schools and municipalities improve their energy efficiency. As LED lighting products continue to become more efficient, we are seeing paybacks as low as 6 months in a typical Wisconsin school.” Says Rob Everhart, Director of Sales, eTech LED. “As energy is a major expense and growing concern for schools, LED products can reduce the lighting expenditure by 50% to 70% while increasing the life by more than 3 times that of a standard lighting product.”

Focus on Energy, Wisconsin utilities’ statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program, offers prescriptive rebates on LED lighting products which helps offset the initial costs making lighting upgrades more cost effective and attractive to pursue.

To learn more about the preferred vendor program through the CESA Purchasing Program, please go to Members can log into purchasing portal to view the preapproved products and preferred pricing and plan for their next project. Visit to view eTech LED’s LED lighting offering through this partnership.

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