ebix, Inc.: Acquires Badger Billing Services Inc. clients

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ebix, Inc., a multi-regional Revenue Cycle Management

firm located in Milwaukee, finalized their acquisition of clients from Mequon’s Badger Billing Services,

Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, ebix has obtained Badger Billing, Inc. clients, positioning the 40

year old ebix as the leading Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) firm in Wisconsin.

“Our longevity and sustained success is attributed to our knowledgeable staff, high standards of quality,

customer service, client relationships and our corporate culture,” states ebix President, Brian J. Nelson.

Nelson and Badger Billing, Inc. CEO, Robert Chang, have had a mutually respectful relationship for over

20 years making Nelson’s ebix the obvious partner for the acquisition. “We have been friendly

competitors with ebix for many years and have a high level of confidence in their work product and their

business integrity,” said Chang.

To accommodate the new clients and keep business running smoothly, new employee positions at ebix

were recruited and strategically added. “We’re expanding our staff to accommodate the newly acquired

clients, while making sure our current clients’ needs are met” adds Nelson. “We’ll be operating with

over 75 staff members by the end of October.”

Both ebix and Badger Billing have been long standing local companies. “ebix is rooted in the community

and has the knowledge for the local industry,” states Nelson. The additional clients deepen ebix’s service

offerings and embed the RCM company further into the market.

About ebix, Inc.

ebix, Inc. is a multi-regional revenue cycle management firm providing medical billing, physician

education and auditing for independent healthcare providers. ebix maximizes revenue for the

independent provider by utilizing coding expertise, denials minimization and data analytics. The majority

of the organization is focused on minimizing missed revenue opportunities for their clients. ebix is a

founding member of IHA (Independent Healthcare Advisors) that serves as an advisory group for

independent providers in Wisconsin. ebix is also a founding member of IPA (Independent Physician

Advisors) that serves as an advisory group for independent providers in Chicago.

About Badger Billing

Badger Billing Services, Inc. is a full-service medical billing company founded in 1984 by a group of

physicians who wanted a medical billing company that offered help to private practice physicians with

some of the “business” aspects of medicine.