Bay Area Humane Society: Green Bay animal stray contract given to BAHS

For Further Information: Marlene Walsh (920) 469-3110, ext. 115

Green Bay Animal Stray Contract Given to BAHS!

The Green Bay City Council has voted to award the Animal Impound Contract to the Bay Area Humane Society. We are pleased to be entering this partnership with the city and proud that we can offer yet another service to the community. As of July 1, Green Bay residents who are looking for a lost pet should visit the Bay Area Humane Society or call our dedicated lost/found phone number, 920-469-3111. You can also visit our website for a real-time list of found animals ( ) or” > . All of our animal statistics, known as Asilomar Reports, are listed by month on our website, going back to 2010. Our live release rate for the past year has averaged 96%, which further supports our goal of reuniting lost pets with their owners, or finding new forever homes for every animal. You can also view a list of the animals available for adoption, with pictures and brief bios, as well as the procedures and applications to adopt. Our website also has information about the many services we offer the community, as well as our youth programs, volunteering and donation opportunities.

The BAHS staff of 30 and over 350 volunteers is dedicated to our goals; which are promoting animal welfare, preventing the overpopulation of pets, and strengthening the human-animal bond. Their commitment to the programs and services we provide, as well as caring for thousands of animals annually, makes the BAHS a strong community partner with the city of Green Bay.

We live in a growing, thriving community that is committed to providing a wonderful place to live – for all – including animals. The Bay Area Humane Society is thrilled and privileged to serve the people and animals of this great city.