Xcel Energy: Continues to lead the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Xcel Energy continues to lead the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Climate RegisteredTM status further validates company’s ongoing commitment

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — Xcel Energy is leading the way in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and is now the first U.S. utility to verify and register all of its greenhouse gas emissions data with The Climate Registry for seven consecutive years. The company’s emissions reporting validates Xcel Energy’s more than 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the last decade.

“Xcel Energy pledged to begin reducing emissions in 2005, well before many other utilities in the country. Setting a standard to accurately measure these emissions was the first step in fulfilling our commitment,” said Frank Prager, vice president, policy and federal affairs for Xcel Energy. “As a founding member of The Climate Registry, we contributed significant expertise and helped develop the protocol for counting emissions in the electric power sector-which ultimately helped us verify that we are meeting our goals.”

Xcel Energy achieved Climate Registered™ status by successfully measuring and reporting the company’s emissions from 2005 to 2011. The scope includes both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with providing utility energy service as well as emissions that are considered optional to report under TCR’s best-in-class Electric Power Sector Protocol. All of the emissions data has been third-party verified and reported on TCR’s website.

“Not only is Xcel Energy reducing its carbon footprint, but our comprehensive, all-inclusive reporting and verification can provide customers with the information they need to assure their own emission reductions,” added Prager.

In addition to TCR, Xcel Energy reports its emissions to local, state and federal entities, and provides the information publicly in the Carbon Disclosure Project and the company’s annual Corporate Responsibility Report. Xcel Energy is on track to achieve a 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide companywide by 2020 from 2005 levels. The company’s clean energy strategy includes increasing the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, as well as modernizing and retiring plants.

“Xcel Energy has tangibly demonstrated its leadership and accountability over the years through its rigorous and high-quality greenhouse gas reporting, said David Rosenheim, executive director of TCR. “As countries from around the world gear up for the next UN Climate conference in November, and the U.S. embarks on measures such as the Clean Power Plan, Xcel Energy should be commended for its vision and foresight in addressing climate and energy issues.”

Xcel Energy has publicly reported its emissions for 2012 to 2014 and is currently working with TCR to verify and register emissions for these years as well.

The Climate Registry is a nonprofit organization that designs and operates voluntary and compliance greenhouse gas reporting programs throughout the world. It was established in 2007, and its predecessor was the California Action Registry. TCR assists organizations in measuring, verifying and reporting emissions in their operations in order to manage and reduce it.