Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce: Devastating EPA rule could send manufacturing jobs overseas

This month the EPA announced an energy rule that mandates a move away from coal and would cost Wisconsin between $3 billion and $13 billion in infrastructure upgrades by 2030.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) is sounding the alarm that the cost could be too big to keep jobs stateside, as rates rise to pay for the plan. Besides rate hikes at home, manufacturers would be especially hard-hit because of their high energy usage. The industry accounts for one in five private sector jobs in the state.

Our Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley is an expert on the rule and available for interviews or background information on the Clean Power Plan and how it could affect the state. If you would like to come to our WMC office in downtown Madison to talk to Scott, or chat over the phone, please contact WMC’s Katy Pettersen, 608.661.6916, or Leah Supensky, 608.661.6941.

Wisconsin is also now suing the EPA over the rule. For more information on the case feel free to watch our Two Minute Drill video with Attorney General Brad Schimel and our latest episode, just released today, featuring the state’s biggest single site energy user Charter Steel.

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