Wisconsin Health Information Organization: Launches MyHealthWI.Org

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Public Reporting of Healthcare Data
Helps Patients and Families

The Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) today launched MyHealthWI.org, a website designed to help patients and their families take a more active, informed role in their own healthcare and make value-based healthcare choices. Data on MyHealthWI.org show how clinics in the state measure up to recognized benchmarks of care and how providers compare to like providers in others areas of Wisconsin.

The site also provides useful information on how patients can better- communicate with their doctor and get the most out of their doctor visit and follow-up care.

Initially, MyHealthWI.org provides ratings in the fields of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Pediatrics. More specialties will be added in subsequent versions and updates.

“Not all healthcare is the same,” said WHIO CEO Josephine Musser, “some is better than others. The information on MyHealthWI.org can help patients and their families feel more confident when choosing and talking with their primary care physicians. Healthcare is better when the doctor/patient relationship is a partnership and the system is transparent.”

MyHealthWI.org offers ratings drawn from WHIO’s Datamart, the only statewide All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) in the country that is voluntary, not mandated by legislation. The WHIO data do not contain any patient names or other information that would identify them. All patient privacy is protected.

MyHealthWI.org was developed with the support of WHIO’s members and subscribers who include all of Wisconsin’s major healthcare provider groups and insurers. In 2014, Governor Scott Walker also included funds to support development of the site in his budget.

The Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) is dedicated to improving the quality, affordability, safety, efficiency and transparency of health care in Wisconsin.

WHIO is a voluntary, non-profit 501(c)3 organization supported by healthcare providers, major employers, public agencies, health plans and others.

About the WHIO Datamart

The only statewide voluntary All-Payer Claims Database in the nation

Includes more than 4 million individuals – 70+% of Wisconsin’s population

Includes more than 300 million claims – medical and pharmacy, and

More than $70 billion in billed charges – Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage

The addition of Medicare fee-for-service claims data later in 2015 will complete the scope of the Datamart.