Wisconsin Corn Growers Association: Corn growers support Trade Promotion Authority

Corn Growers Support Trade Promotion Authority

Casey Kelleher, Whitewater, President, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

Exports are a crucial part of market opportunities for Wisconsin corn growers. In 2013, $200 million of corn was exported, which is about ten percent of the state’s corn crop. Wisconsin also exports Dry Distillers Grain (DDGs), a co-product from ethanol production. With 95 percent of consumers living outside the United States, the future of American agriculture depends largely on our ability to sell to foreign markets. That’s why the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association is support Trade Promotion Authority legislation.

We are urging the state’s Congressional delegation to support granting the president Trade Promotion Authority to ensure the United States can negotiate the best possible deal for farmers, businesses, and consumers. Trade Promotion Authority assures our trading partners that a final deal won’t be altered by Congress.

Agricultural exports are a major driver of the U.S. economy. Trade benefits farmers, American workers, and American consumers alike. Wisconsin exported $3.2 billion of agricultural products in 2013. That activity supported 24,400 jobs in the state. Every dollar of agricultural exports creates an additional $1.27 in business activity.

Global demand for U.S. meat and dairy is on the rise, and that benefits both livestock producers and corn farmers. Trade Promotion Authority is critical to expanding American farmers’ access to global markets.

Major trade agreements are under negotiation in the European Union and Asia-Pacific region. The rest of the world is not waiting for us. It’s time for Congress to act and support passage of Trade Promotion Authority.