Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality, Wisconsin Hospital Association: Launch new health care data reporting company

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Physician Compass serves providers by reporting quality data to CMS, supporting improvements

Madison, Wis. — The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality and the Wisconsin Hospital Association have launched Physician Compass, a health care data reporting company. The new company draws on the WCHQ’s and WHA’s expertise in quality data reporting, as well as the opportunity to leverage quality data to improve the quality and value of health care.

“Physician Compass will make meeting the CMS requirements easy and convenient with a proven, reliable and cost-effective technology for data submission,” said Chris Queram, WCHQ president.

Initially, Physician Compass will focus on provider reporting to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services through the Physician Quality Reporting System. CMS has set a June 30, 2015 deadline for providers to declare their intentions to report quality metrics using the group reporting option of the PQRS.

“More and more providers around the country are seeking a solution to quality data reporting requirements,” said Chris Kleine, product director at Physician Compass. “We’re in a unique position to answer that need in a way that also helps drive continuous improvement.”

Physician Compass guides providers through submission of PQRS data, so they comply with federal law and are well-positioned to improve the quality of patient care and quality for value-based payments.

“Both WCHQ and WHA have been reporting quality measures for years,” said WHA President Eric Borgerding. “We are committed to leveraging our experience in data reporting to provide a clear choice for reporting PQRS data in Wisconsin and beyond.”

Queram noted that many Wisconsin providers are accustomed to tracking, reporting and using quality data to improve care, so the state is a natural home base for the new company, which will serve providers across the nation. “Sixty percent of WCHQ members who are eligible to submit PQRS measures to CMS are using our service now,” Queram said, “and they know it’s a safe, efficient process. We’re excited to share it with other providers, in other states.”

Providers interested in learning more can contact Chris Kleine, product director, at [email protected], or visit physiciancompass.org.

Founded by the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality and the Wisconsin Hospital Association, Physician Compass guides providers through submission of health care data, helping them easily navigate complex requirements, take advantage of value-based payment incentives, and leverage data for ongoing improvements.