Wisconsin Builders Association, Avid Ratings: Launch landmark statewide survey on homeowner satisfaction and preferences

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Katy Biggerstaff, [email protected], 562.761.6338

Wisconsin Builders Association Media Contact:

Samantha Long, [email protected], 608.242.5151 ext. 13

Landmark survey will deliver the construction industry with invaluable market intelligence to increase profits, gain market share and engage more customers

MADISON, WI (December 9, 2015) – The Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA), in partnership with
Avid® Ratings, announced today the launch of the largest market research study in Wisconsin for homeowner satisfaction and preferences. Homebuilders, remodelers, trade contractors, building product retailers and installers that completed projects in Wisconsin from January 2010 through December 2015 are eligible to participate in this first-of-its-kind study.

The survey measures customer satisfaction with products and services, and identifies key areas
impacting referrals and customer reviews. Avid Ratings, the Madison-based full-service customer engagement and loyalty management firm, is conducting the landmark survey. “We are delighted to embark on this important research program, fulfilling an integral need for both homebuilders and consumers about overall construction experience,” said Paul Cardis, chief executive officer at Avid Ratings. “From demographics, marketing sources, and design trends, the WBA Market Study represents an incredible value to receive professional research that would normally cost 20 to 50 times more to commission independently.”

The customized survey, which will be distributed to customers starting in February 2016, examines over 50 in-depth areas of customer satisfaction, home design, building features, buying preferences, and demographics. The results from the WBA Market Study will include detailed question-level comparisons by customer demographics, individual markets in Wisconsin, current home, income, and many other
relevant customer segments. Final results from the 2016 WBA Market Study will be published on/before September 15, 2016.

The survey reports will enable company executives to identify the customer segments of interest to them, and then specify the closest local segment available. The level of participation of builders across Wisconsin will determine which markets are included in the study. Data and reports will also be available at the local HBA and national levels.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with Avid Ratings on this report. With a reputation of successful survey execution in other markets across North American, the WBA Market Study will undoubtedly provide our members with invaluable insights into the overall construction experience within the Wisconsin homebuilding market,” said Brad Boycks, Executive Director at the Wisconsin Builders Association.

Companies interested in participating in the WBA Market Survey can register online at
http://www.wba.avidratings.com. Additionally, companies that participate are automatically eligible to win a 2016 Avid Award for Highest Customer Ratings in Residential Construction. The Avid Award is the pinnacle recognition of customer satisfaction in homebuilding and remodeling.

About Avid Ratings
Founded in 1992, Avid Ratings is a full–service customer loyalty management firm, providing customer loyalty research, organizational consulting, employee training, and innovative marketing solutions that drive homebuilding success. Serving over 2,300 homebuilders throughout the United States and Canada, Avid maintains North America’s largest database of homebuyer satisfaction to benchmark its clients. To learn more about the industry leading Avid services (GoSurvey®, GoSocial®, and GoTour®) visit www.avidratings.com.

About Wisconsin Builders Association
A professional trade association, the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) advances the housing
industry for members and consumers through government involvement, education, and promotion. The WBA’s role is to drive sound housing policy resulting in affordable, innovative, and environmentally conscious homes accessible to all. Founded in 1947, the WBA consists of 23 locals throughout the state, representing 4,400 members.