Wilde East Towne Honda: Donates 2007 Accord and mentoring services to Sun Prairie High School


Tracie Pierce, Director of Marketing

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Wilde East Towne Honda Donates 2007 Accord
and Mentoring Services to Sun Prairie High School

MADISON, WI – Wilde East Towne Honda donated a 2007 Honda Accord to Sun Prairie High School earlier this month. The donation, made to the Sun Prairie Area School District, will be used by students in the classroom.

“The Sun Prairie Automotive Program has been working hard to secure NATEF certification. One of the requirements is to have a vehicle no more than 8 years old for the students to train on,” said Sun Prairie High School Auto Tech Instructor Jim Halvorson, “Through the generous donation of Wilde East Towne Honda, we now have the modern car needed to ensure the Sun Prairie High School automotive students are receiving the proper training they need to move forward in their path to becoming tomorrow’s technicians.”

The students were very excited to learn of the car donation from Wilde East Towne Honda and will be using it to train and complete their automotive tasks.

In addition to the car donation, Wilde East Towne Honda is mentoring Sun Prairie youth. Sam Bornitzke-Wolfgram, a junior at Sun Prairie High School, is an apprentice under Honda Master Certified Technician Allen Denui. Sam took first place in tire rotation and the compression test portion at the recent Firestone Challenge at Madison Area Technical College. Sam said his apprenticeship at Wilde East Towne Honda helped him in the contest. This is the second year Allen Denui has mentored a Sun Prairie High School student.

“We are proud to support the auto mechanics program through these donations,” said Jorge Hidalgo, co-owner of Wilde East Towne Honda, “We look forward to training and hiring more of Sun Prairie’s youth.”