Who’s Driving You?: Response to Uber drivers sexually assaulting passengers

Statement from “Who’s Driving You?” regarding inappropriate sexual advances by Uber drivers toward two women passengers in Madison:

“If Uber’s past is any indicator, the sexual incidents involving Madison passengers signal worse to come. Unless Wisconsin acts to protect passengers, Uber will soon be allowed to screen its own drivers. This is a serious public safety concern. Uber’s privately purchased background checks have repeatedly missed felons. Most recently, Uber has yet to explain how a Houston driver who served 14 years in federal prison and now stands accused of raping a passenger passed the company’s background check. Wisconsin should not strip cities’ ability to rigorously background check Uber drivers and keep their citizens safe. Women passengers in for-hire vehicles are especially vulnerable. They often ride one-on-one late at night in unmarked vehicles where bad things can happen.”

— Dave Sutton, ‘Who’s Driving You?’ a public safety initiative of the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association