Walker plans to sign right-to-work by Monday

Gov. Scott Walker told business leaders he plans to sign right-to-work by Monday.

Addressing WMC’s annual Business Day gathering in Madison yesterday, Walker praised the Senate for its work on the bill and noted the Assembly was set to take it up next. He did not offer any details on exactly when he’d sign it following Assembly passage.

Walker also continued his recent approach of talking up right-to-work as a key economic development tool after saying for months that it would be a distraction. He called it “one more tremendous tool.” He also mentioned a recent interview with Chief Executive Magazine and how businesses looking to locate consider right-to-work a factor.

“We now have given one more thing on that checklist to say `Wisconsin is open for business,'” Walker said during a luncheon speech at the Monona Terrace.

The Assembly has set aside a 24-hour window from today into tomorrow for debate on the bill. That comes after the Assembly Labor Committee signed off on the bill on a party-line 6-3 vote after shooting down four Dem amendments.

Dems proposed removing the criminal penalty from the bill, delaying implementation by 90 days, including a sunset, and reinstating the declaration of policy at the start of the state’s labor law.

All were shot down 6-3 along the same party lines.