Vistelar: Local executive promoted to head Milwaukee-based business

Contact: Kati Tillema


Milwaukee, Wis. – Vistelar has named Kevin Scholz as president of Vistelar, the world leader in preventing and managing conflict at the point of impact – the few to several minute period during an interaction when a situation can escalate to emotional or physical violence.

Allen Oelschlaeger, CEO of Vistelar and two sister companies, said, “I’m thrilled to have Kevin in this role given his experience in law enforcement – one of primary target markets among the fourteen we serve – and his unique blend of sales, marketing, training and leader-ship experience and academic background, which includes a master’s degree in leadership studies from Marquette University.”

Vistelar, formed in 2009, has experienced explosive demand for its conflict prevention and management services, which has driven the need for an expanded management team. With Kevin’s previous success in driving and managing rapid growth, he is ideally suited for this role.

Scholz said, “I’m excited to lead the best conflict management training organization in the country, with our professional staff and renowned subject matter experts. If people knew the im-pact we have on organizations and individuals, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with interest. That’s exactly the problem that I plan to make happen and then resolve.”

Scholz has a passion for learning and is always open for new ideas. He is happy to sit down at his office or any local establishment with anyone interested in discussing how to prevent con-flict from occurring (non-escalation), de-escalate if it occurs and physically defend one’s self if attacked. He said, “My door is wide open. Just contact Vistelar and ask for me.”

Vistelar is a consulting and training organization focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict — from interpersonal discord, verbal abuse and bullying — to crisis communications, assault and physical violence. The foundational principle of Vistelar’s comprehensive, structured framework is to treat people with dignity by showing them respect. People can learn more about the company’s wide range of training programs at