UW-Stout: Teams top 300 mpg in Supermileage Challenge on campus

High school teams from Wisconsin and Minnesota redefined the term “good gas mileage” during an event at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

The annual Supermileage Challenge was held Friday and Saturday, April 17-18. It was hosted by UW-Stout students in the Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association.

Four high school teams competed with their specially made vehicles: Bowler, Medford, New Richmond and Winona, Minn.

The Medford No. 55 team recorded the best miles-per-gallon average with 302, winning the modified engine category.

Right behind Medford was the New Richmond No. 300 team, which reached 301 mpg and won the open stock division.

In the Briggs and Stratton engine division, Winona No. 1 took first with 129 mpg.

High school teams use a variety of techniques to vastly improve gas mileage typically achieved by stock automobiles, including aerodynamic and lightweight vehicle design, motor and exhaust modifications, special propulsion designs, limited driver weight and conservative driving.

The competition was held April 18. On April 17, events included vehicle safety testing, presentations by UW-Stout TEECA students and vehicle judging.

The Engineering and Design Award went to Medford. The People’s Choice Award went to New Richmond, and Bowler won the Team Spirit Award.
“The event was a wonderful opportunity for the UW-Stout students involved and the high school teams,” said Alan Mamerow, of Colgate, vice president of UW-Stout’s TEECA organization.
Mamerow was co-organizer of the event with fellow UW-Stout student Amanda Egge.

The Supermileage Challenge is one of a series of events, part of the Wisconsin Energy Efficient Vehicle Association, held throughout the state. The UW-Stout event is the state’s oldest, dating to 1992.

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