UW-Stout: Collaborative, meeting on campus, to push for increased STEM education

Doug Mell

Executive Director of University Communications and External Relations


[email protected]

Menomonie, Wis. — A new effort to bring leaders from business, education and government from northwest

Wisconsin together to improve student success in STEM fields will kick off Wednesday, June 24, at

University of Wisconsin-Stout.

About 150 people will gather under the banner of the Northwest Wisconsin Collaborative for the

Advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for a daylong meeting in Jarvis Hall

Science Wing, 410 10th Ave. E.

UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer will give the opening and closing remarks. The event also will include two

keynote speakers.

Meyer said the collaborative is a reflection of the growing importance of STEM education at all levels, from

kindergarten through college, and the increasing economic dependence on STEM disciplines.

“We have worked hard at UW-Stout to ramp up our STEM programs to meet the increasing demand for

graduates from these fields,” Meyer said, pointing to UW-Stout’s five engineering majors, along with

engineering technology.

The university’s newest engineering program, a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, will be

offered for the first time this fall and already is becoming a popular option for students.

“I look forward to our conversations Wednesday on what else needs to be done to advance STEM education

in northwestern Wisconsin,” Meyer added.

More information on UW-Stout’s STEM programs can be found at