UW-Madison: Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity chapter terminated

CONTACT: Eric Knueve, assistant dean, Division of Student Life, [email protected] or (608) 262-2421

MADISON – The Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity chapter at UW-Madison has been terminated as a student organization for violations of Student Organization Code of Conduct policies.

The fraternity has been suspended for several consecutive semesters due to previous policy violations. While an organization is suspended, it must operate according to terms set by the Committee on Student Organizations that are intended to strengthen the organization and prepare it for resuming normal activities. In March, the committee received a report alleging that during a series of incidents, the fraternity had violated the terms of its suspension.

Following an investigation, the committee found that the chapter had intentionally violated the terms of its suspension by hosting events that were not permitted under the terms. The committee voted to terminate the fraternity for at least two years.

Termination means that a student organization loses all rights and privileges that are associated with being a registered student organization, including the ability to hold events on campus.

The chapter can appeal the Committee on Student Organizations’ decision.

“The repeated offenses and multiple violations by Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity are inexcusable and inappropriate in accordance with the values of the Interfraternity Council at UW-Madison,” says Conner Feldman, executive president of the council. “It is critical that the fraternities within the Interfraternity Council uphold the values and integrity of the judicial processes conducted by the council and the Committee on Student Organizations. Fraternity accountability is vital to the community so that those who follow the rules have something of value.”

Federal laws governing student privacy prevent UW-Madison from discussing any disciplinary action that may be taken against individual students.