UW Health: Unity Health Plans Insurance, Gundersen Health Plan explore new partnership

Jennifer Dinehart
Assistant Vice President of Marketing

Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation

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Chris Stauffer
Media and Communications
Gundersen Health System
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Organizations sign letter of intent to consider combining businesses

SAUK CITY, WISCONSIN – Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation and Gundersen Health Plan announce today the signing of a non-binding letter of intent to explore a new partnership that will benefit both organizations.

Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation, an affiliate of UW Health, and Gundersen Health Plan, a subsidiary of Gundersen Health System, believe provider-sponsored health plans offer an important health insurance option to our current and future members. The goal of a partnership is to help facilitate a way for patients to access local health care and to help manage the health of larger populations, utilizing the best of each organization’s products and practices.

“The healthcare industry, particularly the health insurance industry, has gone through fundamental changes during the past few years,” said Terry Bolz, President and CEO of Unity Health Insurance. “These changes have allowed us to look at how we are currently doing business and identify opportunities to adapt for continued success and future growth. An alignment creates an opportunity for us to remain administratively efficient while we deal with regulatory requirements, technological investments and new product requirements necessary to become stronger in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.”

The letter of intent is a starting point to determine how Unity Health Insurance and Gundersen Health Plan can work together to grow stronger and become more competitive in the future. The structure of a more formal working relationship has yet to be determined. The letter of intent allows the two health plans, not the health systems to which they are connected, to discuss future partnerships.

“Both Gundersen Health Plan and Unity Health Insurance provide excellent health insurance and service to our respective members and communities,” says Dr. Gary Lenth, CEO and Medical Director of Gundersen Health Plan. “We believe that a partnership between these health plans will draw upon the best of both organizations to enhance our ability to meet future challenges and continue this tradition of service and excellence.”

Unity Health Insurance and Gundersen Health Plan are financially stable and growing companies. Both health plans look forward to serving their members with continued access to their current providers. Both organizations will continue to be focused on customer service that exceeds member expectations as a core value.

About Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation
Formed in 1994, Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation, an affiliate of UW Health, provides community-based managed care products and services to more than 170,000 members throughout 20 counties in southwestern Wisconsin. Unity Health Insurance focuses on community-based health care and direct access to UW Health, a world class academic medical center. More online: unityhealth.com

About Gundersen Health Plan
Founded in 1995, and with more than 80,000 members in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, Gundersen Health Plan is a non-profit subsidiary of Gundersen Health System. With an extensive provider network, Gundersen Health Plan offers a variety of plans, including its five-star-rated Senior Preferred HMO, to meet the needs of the communities they serve. More online: gundersenhealthplan.org