Unity Health Insurance: Announces new administrative services organization QuartzSM

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Unity Health Insurance Announces New Administrative Services Organization QuartzSM

SAUK CITY, Wisconsin – Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation today announced the formation of a new wholly-owned subsidiary, QuartzSM. Quartz is a third-party administrator (TPA) that offers a wide range of administrative services to help businesses manage their costs while providing high-quality health benefit programs for their employees.

With Quartz, businesses that prefer to self-fund their health benefit dollars will have the flexibility to help control health care costs and provide the benefits that they choose for their employees. With a self-funded arrangement, businesses can tailor health benefits to meet the specific needs of their employees and only pay for claims that were incurred by their employees.

Quartz’ experienced staff will help provide businesses with the ability to maintain control costs through effective plan design, administration and cost management solutions.

“Quartz customers can expect the same highly-rated service that customers experience with Unity,” said Terry Bolz, President and CEO of Unity Health Insurance. “Businesses may choose from a wide range of Quartz services including health management programs, such as wellness, disease management, pharmacy benefits and more.”