Union rallies planned to protest right-to-work push

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO plans to hold noon rallies tomorrow and Wednesday at the state Capitol to protest state Republicans’ move to enact right-to-work legislation.

The union move comes after Senate Republicans announced Friday that they planned an extraordinary legislative session for this week to pass the law through their house. The state Assembly, also Republican controlled, doesn’t plan to meet this week, but will likely be in next week to vote on the bill. Gov. Scott Walker’s office said Friday that he would sign the bill if it reached his desk.

The Senate labor committee is due to meet tomorrow to take up the bill, with public testimony expected to run until 7 p.m. and an executive session and vote after that. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald’s office said the Senate likely will hit the floor Wednesday, 18 hours after the committee hearing wraps up.

The union invited supporters to testify at Tuesday’s public hearing on the bill.

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