Sustainable Business Council: Welcomes new program director, McKenzie Hicks


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WI Sustainable Business Council Welcomes New Program Director, McKenzie Hicks

Madison, WI (August, 2015)- The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council welcomes McKenzie Hicks as the new Program Director for the Green Masters Program. McKenzie will be working with current participants and interested applicants, and will also work to develop new outreach strategies to educate the business community about the benefits and importance of the program. Most importantly, she will lead the program in a way that continues to challenge businesses to become more sustainable.

The Green Masters Program is a points based sustainability recognition and assessment program for businesses in Wisconsin. The program is free and allows businesses to not only track changes in their sustainability performance over time, but also allows them to compare their performance in the 9 sustainability areas against other businesses in their sector.

McKenzie comes to Madison with a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Business Management from UW-Oshkosh. There she discovered her passion for sustainability and environmental work, and began to develop herself as a professional on campus and in the community. Through working as an intern for the UWO Sustainability Office, serving as a student board member on the Campus Sustainability Council and various planning committees, and serving as the President of the Student Environmental Action Coalition, McKenzie progressed into an experienced organizer, communicator, and environmentalist. After working in the non-profit sector post-graduation, McKenzie decided to attend UW-Madison to get her M.S. in Environmental Conservation through the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Professional Masters Program.

“This is such a wonderful opportunity. I am looking forward to working with all of the participants in the program, as well as growing the program to support businesses from across the state who are interested in sustainability. I know there will be challenges, but there will also be victories as we plant the seeds of why sustainability is important for Wisconsin businesses, and I’m ready for the both! I’m so proud to be part of a program that is demonstrating the benefit of linking economic, social, and environmental performance, and I can’t wait to see how business will respond to the growing interest in sustainability,” says Hicks.

“McKenzie comes to us with training in sustainable business management and I am so excited to see how she puts her stamp on the Green Masters Program. She has a lot of great experiences and skills to offer that will allow her to excel in this position. The Wisconsin business community will come to share my excitement for McKenzie’s innovative ideas for the program and the creative programming that she will be doing,” says Tom Eggert, Executive Director.

Tom Eggert and McKenzie Hicks are both available for an interview or follow-up.

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council supports businesses interested in sustainability. The Council hosts annual events that bring business leaders together to exchange best practices, sponsors programs designed to help businesses measure and track their progress, and prepares reports and case studies to help guide the sustainability conversation in Wisconsin. For more information visit