Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!: Wisconsin joins desperate national primate research centers shopping now for PR firm to put pretty picture on its failures

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Watchdog Group

Sparks Firestorm Over Animal Abuse, Tax Dollar Waste and Bad Science

MADISON, WI – After years of negative news stories about their poor treatment of animals, wasted tax dollars and questionable research results, the seven remaining federal facilities – including University of Wisconsin, Madison – that comprise the National Primate Research Center system are looking to hire a public relations firm to bolster their damaged reputations, a national research watchdog group has divulged.

This desperate act comes following the 2013 closure of the East Coast flagship, Harvard’s Primate Research Center, when its failings dirtied the image of Harvard itself, said SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now).

Remaining National Primate Research Centers – and their fate is also in doubt – include those at University of California, Davis (CA); Oregon Health & Science University, Portland OR; Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio TX; Tulane University, Covington LA; University of Washington, Seattle WA; University of Wisconsin, Madison WI; Emory University, Atlanta GA.

SAEN has dogged those primate centers, filing “official complaints” with government regulators that have resulted in citations, investigations, “Official Warnings,” and open cases against the laboratories. Collectively SAEN has created tremendous media interest and generated dozens of unique news stories focused on the mistakes of the remaining Primate Centers since 2014.

At Harvard, for instance, in the period leading up to the announcement of the closure of Harvard’s National Primate Research Center in 2013, SAEN’s campaign against the Center sparked a firestorm of media interest (more than two dozen news stories). Since the closure announcement, another 11 negative news stories have run about Harvard’s primate experiments as a result of SAEN’s efforts.

Negligent fatalities continue to mount and controversy swirls around the National Primate Research Center system – media outlets are increasingly looking closely at the taxpayer guzzling system, said SAEN.

“I imagine that the Primate Centers do feel a bit shell shocked,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., SAEN executive director. “SAEN has turned the fatal negligence within the primate centers into a scandal that simply won’t die, because these bungling laboratories seem utterly unable to follow even basic animal care regulations, let alone conduct good science. They are wasting tax dollars on bad science.”

Budkie said federal inspection reports have documented dozens of negligent deaths within the primate centers from strangulation, trauma and botched procedures. Broken bones, burn injuries and other pathologies are frequently documented in the centers. The primate centers are often cited by the USDA for unqualified personnel, inadequate veterinary care, failure to follow the law and outright animal abuse.

“Negligence and abuse are rampant at the National Primate Research Centers,” added Budkie. “These facilities and the public would be better served if a larger investment was made in cutting-edge technology instead of attempting to hide the scandal and brainwash the public.” All records are available upon request.