Sixty-five Incorporated: Milwaukee area company simplifies Medicare enrollment decisions with new software released today

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i65® Offers Critical Medicare Guidance, Eliminates Costly Mistakes

MILWAUKEE – April 22, 2015 – 65 Incorporated®, a company providing expert and unbiased Medicare enrollment guidance for Baby Boomers and seniors, as well as their children, financial professionals, healthcare providers and caregivers, announced today the successful launch of its beta version of i65®.

The software program provides a fast, simple, expert and unbiased solution for working 65-year-olds unsure of whether or not they need to enroll in Medicare. Currently, about 60 percent of all working Americans 65 and older have full-time jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Baby Boomers who are still working as they approach 65, the age of Medicare eligibility, face an especially confusing situation,” said Diane Omdahl, RN, MS, Medicare expert and founder of Mequon-based 65 Incorporated. “They’re being told many different things by many different people about what they need to do regarding Medicare. Unfortunately, too many times this information is going to be incomplete or just plain wrong, which can lead to making very costly Medicare mistakes.”

i65 is specifically designed to help still-employed 65-year-olds get a definitive, expert answer to the common, yet often complex question, “Do I have to enroll in Medicare if I’m still working?” In a matter of minutes, after answering a series of easy-to-understand questions, people get authoritative, step-by-step, individualized Medicare guidance. For about $30 – or just $19.95 for Beta users in southeastern Wisconsin – i65 users could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by getting a completely unbiased answer to Medicare questions.

“What separates us from any other company out there providing Medicare advice is that we do it from a completely unbiased perspective,” said Melinda Caughill, co-founder and CMO of 65 Incorporated. “We’re not affiliated with and make no monies from the sale of insurance. We work directly for our clients. As a result, if we make plan recommendations, our clients know that those particular plans are truly in their best interest. ”

65 Incorporated empowers Baby Boomers to make the best Medicare enrollment decisions for their unique needs through multimedia resources and one-on-one consulting services. As an independent and objective service, 65 Incorporated differentiates itself from other Medicare help with what it calls the “4 Cs of Medicare.” The company’s content is clear, correct, complete and credible.

In 2014, the company placed third in the information technology division of the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest. This year, 65 Incorporated is once again a finalist for this entrepreneurial contest featuring some of the most innovative startups in the state.

Founder Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS, is a registered nurse and author of one of the most definitive guides to the Medicare process, the Beacon Guide to Medicare Delivery. The publication educates homecare agency managers, owners and nurses about how to accurately assess if care is Medicare-eligible, since not all types of services are covered.

Omdahl launched her first company in the basement of her home and grew it into a multi-million dollar company and the nation’s leading provider of Medicare-related training for home health agencies. She’s presented more than 400 Medicare-related audio conferences and 100 in-depth two-day seminars, making her a very sought-after and highly rated speaker. More recently, Omdahl has kept her finger on the pulse of Medicare’s evolution and the reforms ushered in through the Affordable Care Act.