Primex Wireless: Helps schools spring ahead to Daylight Saving Time more efficiently

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Wireless synchronized clock system automatically shifts all clocks to the proper time, freeing maintenance personnel for other duties while reducing costs

LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. (March 4, 2015) – Daylight Saving Time (DST), which begins Sunday, March 8 in 2015, may be a boon to those who enjoy outdoor activities, but it can be a nightmare for school maintenance personnel. The Primex Wireless Time Synchronization Platform ends those headaches (and a host of others) by automatically keeping all clocks on campus synchronized to the proper time through DST shifts and power outages, eliminating the hours of work and expense normally required for maintenance personnel to go from room to room resetting clocks.

“Although it is necessary, resetting clocks manually twice a year just to accommodate Daylight Saving Time is a tremendous drain on resources,” said Larry Poglitsch, Director of Operations for Primex Wireless. “It is also challenging to ensure that every clock is adjusted to the exact same time. With the Primex Wireless platform, every clock on campus is set forward or backward as-needed without any effort on the part of the staff. It also ensures that all clocks are set to the same time, ending confusion in the classroom and the hallways.”

The Primex Wireless Time Synchronization Platform uses a school’s existing Wi-Fi network or a specialized 72MHz transmission frequency to allow all clocks to be controlled from a single time source. As a result, every clock automatically remains synchronized to within 300 milliseconds. For clocks on the Wi-Fi network, automated email alerts are issued when a clock or timer is out of synch or batteries are running low. On the 72MHz platform, analog clocks “5-step” while the digital clocks’ colon blinks to indicate low batteries.

“The twice-a-year change to and from Daylight Saving Time is an event many who are in charge of school maintenance, especially those at larger schools or multi-building campuses, dread,” said Poglitsch. “With the Primex Wireless Time Synchronization Platform it really becomes a non-event. When faculty and students return to class on March 9 this year there won’t be any panicked calls about a clock with the wrong time or other issues not being attended to due to the maintenance staff being busy changing clocks. That should simplify the day for everyone.”

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