Pegasus Sustainability Solutions: Launches acquisition tool for environmental services industry

Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, Inc., a Fitchburg-based company, recently launched Pegex™, an innovative customer acquisition tool for companies within the environmental services industry. Recognizing a serious disconnect between the customers that require these types of services and the businesses able to provide them, Pegex™ aims to bridge the gap.

Pegasus Sustainability Solutions harvests incredible demand for these services through an integrated inbound marketing system, primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. Customers, after engaging with one of the company’s websites, calls into a customer service center located in Fitchburg, where the need is fully vetted to ensure that the opportunity is viable. All necessary documentation is collected during the phone interview process. Once the opportunity has been qualified, it is posted to the Pegex™ platform for service providers to choose from.

Service providers gain access to Pegex™ through a free membership. During the registration process, they specify their geographic location and service capabilities. Once they log in, they only see jobs that match the criteria they provided. When they see a job they’re interested in, they place a bid to reflect the lowest amount they’re willing to receive for the services in question.

Within its first month, Pegex™ gained 125 members and sold roughly 200 jobs—translating into over $500,000 of quoted work,” reports Chief Financial Officer Wade Maleck, CPA. “It has completely exceeded our expectations.”​

Mark Hope, CEO, says, “Pegex™ is a very unique system that is designed to match demand for services with appropriate service providers. Our approach to harvesting the demand for these services, qualifying the opportunities, and then utilizing a high technology online platform for fulfilling that demand is going to change the game in the industrial and environmental service industries.”

Pegex™ is a fully scalable platform, and once the environmental services industry has been captured, Pegasus Sustainability Solutions hopes to branch out into other industries as well.

Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, Inc. is an early-stage company that has been certified by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation as a Qualified New Business Venture. The company is in the midst of heavy fundraising efforts as it continues to meet the demands of both its customers and partners through innovative technology.