Milwaukee Co. Sup. Haas: Five-year St. Francis brewing company contract approved

Contact: Bill Zaferos, Public Information Manager
414/278-4230 or [email protected]

Supervisor Haas’ Measure Allows for a 5% Return on Profits for Dedicated Maintenance Fund

Milwaukee County will enter into a five-year contract with St. Francis Brewery for a beer garden at Humboldt Park with five percent of profits going to park maintenance, under a resolution passed unanimously by the County Board.

The measure includes a provision called for by Sup. Jason Haas that the brewery provide five percent of its profits for a dedicated maintenance fund for Humboldt Park. Under the new contract, the food menu has been expanded and improved, with a rotating cast of beers from local breweries on tap in addition to St. Francis’s brews. The beer garden will be operated by St. Francis Brewery in partnership with the County Parks Dept.

“I’d like to toast the County Board for approving this measure,” Haas said. “The beer garden has become highly successful and popular addition to the park, and my provision to include a dedicated maintenance fund will help toward upkeep of the park and its environs.”

Grand opening of the beer garden is May 28 at 5:30 p.m. with free beer until the keg is empty. The beer garden will be open until 10 p.m. Serving stops at 9 p.m. The warming room will be improved and redecorated in a Bavarian theme by the brewery, with a large screen television included.

Under terms of the proposed agreement, the brewery will pay the County a commission of 20 percent of gross sales on alcoholic beverages and 10 percent on league and tournament receipts. The brewery will also reimburse the County $700 per month for utilities. Based on the estimate of sales provided by the brewery, the estimated net increase in revenue to the County will be approximately $61,560 in 2015.

“The beer garden increases park usage and encourages community spirit,” Haas said. “To the board and the community, I say, ‘ein prosit!’”