Knapp Chiropractic & Wellness Center: Dr. Nicole Knapp, D.C. launches blog to educate general public about health conditions that can affect the quality of their life


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Brookfield, Wis. – (July 3, 2015) – Dr. Nicole Knapp, D.C., owner of Knapp Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Brookfield, has launched a wellness blog to educate the general public about health conditions that can affect the quality of their life. These articles can also be viewed on Dr. Knapp’s website,

One of the first conditions that Dr. Knapp will talk about is back pain, a common complaint. Most people in the United States will experience low back pain at least once during their lives. Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work.

The lower back is an intricate structure of interconnected and overlapping elements: Tendons and muscles and other soft tissues; highly sensitive nerves and nerve roots that travel from the lower back down into the legs and feet; small and complex joints; and, spinal discs with their gelatinous inner cores.

An irritation or problem with any of these structures can cause lower back pain and/or pain that radiates or is referred to other parts of the body. Pain from resultant lower back muscle spasms can be severe, and pain from a number of syndromes can become chronic.

Identifying the symptoms, along with an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of the pain, is the first step in obtaining effective pain relief.

Here’s how to prevent back pain while gardening:

Start slow – Don’t tackle the tough jobs first. Warm up your body and build stamina by starting with simpler projects and breaking larger projects into shorter gardening session.

Practice lifting techniques – When lifting plants, fertilizer, or any other items, always bend at your knees and lift with your legs, while keep the heavy item close to your body.

Avoid bending for long periods of time – Instead work with long-handled tools, or, if you are working on the ground, work on your hands and knees.

Listen to your body – When your body is hurting, that is a message for you to back off that activity. Take a needed break and come back to the activity when you are no longer hurting.

Serving as a leading chiropractor in Brookfield, Dr. Nicole Knapp, D.C., focuses on preventative treatments to avoid surgical procedures, emphasizing a natural, holistic approach to healthcare. She has over nine years of chiropractic treatment experience, and is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of her patients in Brookfield and surrounding areas, including Milwaukee and Waukesha.

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